What do dogs see? Colour or Not?

Published on 14 November 2020 at 15:47

Growing up with my dogs I was always told they were colour blind and could not see red or green objects.  I was also told they only saw our world in black and white.  I am ashamed to say I rarely gave this any thought even when I started competing with my dogs until I viewed a You Tube video by Susan Garret with Nicki Gurr and my thoughts changed completely.


I have attached the video below for your viewing.  Pardon the pun, but it was a real eye-opener for me.  In the video they talk about a dog app that shows you what our dogs actually do see, so I downloaded the Dog Vision HD app (available through the app store and pictured here) and keep it on my iphone.  I now often use it particularly when selecting props for my dogs dancing and obedience competitions and training and also it has saved me alot of money when buying their toys and leads.   Always remember manufacturers make these things with dog parents in mind; if our dogs controlled the purse strings they would make them more desirable for them to purchase.  So when I am looking to buy my dogs leads and toys I now always use my Dog Vision HD app first.  I simply hold the app up to the leads and toys and I can guarantee the pretty ones I am drawn to and would have purchased disappear so I buy the ones which my dogs can see and save myself a whole lot of money on toys my dogs would have left in the toy box!  The ones dogs can see are usually blues and purples but watch the video and you will see it will also depend on the background the toys, props, jumps and so on are set up against.


The video talks alot about agility but can be applied to anything in yur dogs life.   We can never be 100% sure how our dogs see the world but until we do I think this comes pretty close.   I found it fasinating and I hope you do too :-)



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