As a busy Dog Mom, I know only too well how short of time some folk are, so here is an Index page for you to find exactly what you want quickly and efficiently.  Just find what you want and click on the link next to it to take you to the appropriate Blog post.

At Home

Help I have lost my dog! -

Moving home -

Whats in your first aid kit -

Micro-chipping - All You Need to Know -

Exercising a young dog or puppy -

How to set up an emergency file for your dog

How to save money whilst maintaining your dogs living standards -

How to Make a Hoopers Agility Hoop -

How to prepare your dog for firework season -

What do dogs see?  Looking at dogs vision -

When It's Time To Say Goodbye -

Bath time! -

How to Find a Good Dog Groomer -

Looking for Nemo, Finding Bear a story of a dog rescued from Spain in 2021 -


Out And About

Adder Alert! -

The Dangers of Ticks -

Alabama Rot in Dogs -

Ball throwers - why NOT to use them -

Dogs in hot weather

Eliminating that fox poo smell -

How do I find the right dog walker for my dog/s? -

Our first session with PetTrailer UK -

Our first session with Hoopers -

Signs and treatment of a dog with hyperthermia -

looking for Nellie - What Do I Do If I Lose My Dog? -

What's in my dog walking bag? -

In The Classroom

New ways of training in Covid times -

How to choose the right dog training club and instructor for your puppy/dog -

Going to School; what to take and how to get the most out of your classes -

Using treats in your training -


Training videos:

How to tach your dog paws to prancing:

How to teach your dog to leg weave -

How to teach your dog to sit pretty (beg) -

How to teach your dog to jump over your arms -




Puppy Page

Post Puppy Shopping -

Housetraining puppy with free pdf housetraining chart -

How to teach your puppy to ring a bell to go out into the garden -


Shows and Events

Due to Covid-19 there are no dog shows or events available to report upon in 2020

Smart Motorways - Safe or Not? -



The Dogs Trust -