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Hello! and welcome to the blog for dog owners by dog owners.  Take a look around and find out what I can offer you; from product reviews to free training videos; free useful pdf's to help you manage your every day life with your furry family and much, much more.    My goal for DogsandBlogs is to teach, inspire, entertain and help.


My name is Gina Pink and I am a national and international Kennel Club Accredited dog training instructor and judge;  I have worked my own dogs to top levels in competition obedience and dog dancing; I am the author of "Let's Dance, From Starters to Stardom", write for Dog Sports UK magazine and worked on tv with my own and other dogs, but above all I am a Dog Mom with over 40 years experience and expertise that you can benefit from.


Whether it's information on treats, training or travel you will find everything here you will need to know about raising a happy, healthy and well balanced dog; I add new information weekly.


Keep safe and well






Cheryl Teasdale
5 months ago

Hi Gina you were recommended by Tessa Easton who's on the same Belgium malinos Facebook group. I am looking for a trainer to help me train my BM to stop his constant barking when someone comes to the door and not be reactive when we open it. I also want to further install in him to not react to dogs or people whom come near us on walks. He has got really good at ignoring dogs and people on walks but if they get too near he reacts and ig has tomstop. He is very food orientated and his ball. Also better walking on the led, he doesn't pull however we have to use a chocker chain (I am aware some disagree with these, but as he doesnt pull on this he does not get hurt or discomfort.) however I would like his heeling to greatly improved. I am opening to learning and the hubby needs to be taught. We have a 9 year old GS and at present we are unable to walk both dogs together but that's our fault.

Obviously cost is a factor so would be helpful to know your charges we live in Aldershot and if your able to help,or can recommend another trainer.

Thank you for reading my message.

Kind regards


J Wilde
6 months ago

Dear Gina, I wonder if you could help me. I have a crazy rehome puppy of 9 months old and have selective hearing. He is not aggressive but when he sees another dog in the forest, he would ran towards them whether they like to play with him or not and much to the annoyance of other dog walker. He would not listen and trying to catch him, he thinks it's a game. Please help.

Lily Young
10 months ago

Dear Gina,

I am emailing to enquire as to whether you offer classes/tests for the GCDS Bronze certificate.

If you do then I would love to be added to your waiting list, and if not then is there anybody you could recommend within 30 minutes of Basingstoke?

Thank you,

Lily Young

patricia Harbot
a year ago

Hi I have two nine week old puppies that can come out to play by the 12th February. Could you tell me if you do puppy training classes or if you could recommend anyone in the Basingstoke area. These are smooth coat chihuahua. Many thanks Patricia

Monica Dixon
2 years ago

What an absolutely brilliant site. So much information about everything a dog owner could possible want, so thank you.

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