Hello! and welcome to the blog for dog owners by dog owners.  Take a look around and find out what I can offer you; from product reviews and discount offers on dog food, products and magazines to free training videos; free useful pdf's to help you manage your every day life with your furry family and much, much more.  


My name is Gina Pink and I am a national and international Kennel Club Accredited dog training instructor and judge;  I have worked my own dogs to top levels in competition obedience and dog dancing; I am the author of "Let's Dance, From Starters to Stardom" and worked on tv with my own and other dogs, but above all I am a Dog Mom with over 40 years experience and expertise that you can benefit from.


Whether it's information on treats, training or travel you will find everything here you will need to know about raising a happy, healthy and well balanced dog; I add new information weekly.


And the legal bit: is a participant in the Amazon Services  and other affiliate programmes.  This is a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other affiliate programmes and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. There is no extra cost for you, you will pay the usual price of the product; it just means I might make a small percentage of the profit Amazon and other affiliate companies make. Please be assured that I only recommend products and services that I genuinely have trialed and use in my own home and/or with my own dogs and; any money made is used to maintaining this site and bringing you more free content, so we all win :-)


Keep safe and well






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