How to teach puppy to use a button or bell to use the garden

Published on 31 July 2021 at 18:25

This is a really cool and useful trick to teach your puppy.  It teaches puppy to press a button or ring a bell to alert you that they need to visit the garden.  Below little Kobe shows you how easy this is to teach and how useful it is as well.


Puppies can only have restricted exercise when they are young but you can use their brains by teaching them brilliant tricks such as this plus it has the added benefit of tiring out puppy and having loads of fun too.


It is helpful to have taught your pup to shake paws before introducing them to their button or bell but not essential.  The training button used by Kobe can be bought from Amazon but you can use anything including a small bell; as long as it is safe for your puppy to use.


Below is your free pdf to accompany this blog post and a video for all of you visual learners like me :-)


Step one

Step two

Step three

Step five

Step one.

You need your button or bell and some tasty treats.


Hold the button in one hand and present it to your puppy.  As soon as puppy touches the button with his/her paw praise and reward.  As puppy understands the game he/she will press the button harder to activate the recording.



Step two.

Lower your hand and the button towards the floor.  Wait for puppy to press the button and praise and reward.




Step three.

We placed the button onto the floor but kept our hand next to it to give Kobe confidence.  As soon as he pressed the button we praised and rewarded him.

Step four.

After this initial introduction to the button Kobe was offered the button to press everytime he was taken into the garden for his comfort breaks.  We repeated this for about 7-10 days.


Step five.

The button was taped to a plastic container and placed by the door leading to the garden.  This prevented Kobe from confusing the button with his toys.  As soon as he pressed the button he was taken into the garden.


And finally...

Here is the text message Kobe's puppy parent sent to me the night we moved to step five.   What a clever puppy!

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