Fox Poo - How to get rid of THAT Smell

Published on 28 June 2020 at 13:56

There is nothing worse than coming to the end of your lovely walk with your dog only to find the little so and so has once again rolled in something foul smelling; usually fox poo.  You either drive your dog home with all of the car windows down because the smell is just too awful or walk home trying to avoid  your dog rubbing the gungy mess against your legs.


At home you give your dog a bath but find that for days afterwards that awful fox smell still lingers!


I am often asked by frustrated dog owners how they can stop their dogs from rolling in fox poo.  That one is difficult, but I do find foxes are creatures of habit and usually do their poo's in the same area on a daily basis, so definitely if you know where your dog found the delightful (to them) mess then you can simply put them on their lead in those areas. If that is not possible then I definitely can give you the best advice on how to bath your dog and get rid of THAT smell using a harmless everyday kitchen condiment.


I have attached notes for your dogs file below and/or click here to see how I do it - and it works.



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Philippa Sjoberg
3 years ago

Hi-I was given a link to this by Jan Kiley, whom I believe is a friend of yours?
I would like to include your document and YouTube link in a presentaion for our Partner families so that they all know how to deal with the consequences of rolling in fox poo?
Please could I have your permission, and if possible a copy of your written info?
I hope you don't mind me asking, but it is such a great resource!
Thank you so much
Philippa Sjoberg