How to teach your dog to jump over your arms

Published on 19 July 2021 at 16:21

The equipment you will require are: treats, 2 low wingless jumps and a non-slip surface

There is a free pdf and video at the end of this blog - enjoy!

Teach your dog to circle you clockwise

Dog circles you with the jumps in place

Dog circles around you with you knealing down

Step 4.  Uprights removed and you holding the poles

Step 5 and 6 above.  If you have a small dog keep the poles low





Step 1.

Teach your dog to circle around you in a clockwise direction.   Gradually fade hand signals until your dog can do this on command only.








Step 2.

Set up your 2 jumps with just about enough space for you to stand between them.  Place the poles on the ground and circle your dog around you as per step one above.







Step 3.

Repeat step 2 but this time kneal down between the jumps and circle your dog around you as per step 2 above.







Step 4.

Raise the poles slightly off of the ground and repeat step 3.  Your dog should be jumping over the poles and circling you.







Step 5.

Remove the jumps posts and hold each pole along your arms as pictured and circle your dog around you.  Keep the poles just high enough for your dog to be jumping over each pole as he/she circles around you.


Step 6.

Gradually fade the poles behind you so that more of your arms are showing.








Step 7.

Completely fade the poles so that your dog is only jumping your arms.  NOTE: keep your arms low if working a small dog :-)


Free PDF for this move is here

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