How to Make a Hoopers Agility Hoop

Published on 26 September 2020 at 15:17

Having taken up hoopers this year I needed to make some hoopers hoops to practice with at home.

Below is the link to the video we made showing how we made them.  They cost just £4 each and it took 2 hours (including a tea break) to make 6.



You will need for each hoop:

2 metres of 22m pvc piping.

2 x 22mm overflow tees

1 x 22mm overflow 90 degree bend

1 x regular hula hoop

pvc glue

a tape measure and a pencil




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Effi and Gyp
a year ago

Thanks so much for sharing this. We started Hoopers a few weeks ago and love this super easy way to make hoops for home practice.