How to Teach Your Dog The Vault

Published on 7 June 2023 at 15:05

When I was teaching dog dancing at Goodwoof in 2022 a member of the public asked how she could teach her Border Collie a move called the vault.  This is when the dog basically bounces off the handler.   Not a move I felt confident in teaching but I was with Nicci Hindson who was demonstrating at the event with her collie, Elsa, and Nicci insisted the move is safe for both dog and handler IF taught correctly.   So me being me, I said show us! and that is exactly what she has done.   Below is the video showing the stages of teaching your dog the move and I have also attached a free pdf for you to print off and use as training notes.

Thank you Nicci and Rory for showing us how it's done :-)





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